Samsung YP-P2JAB P2 Widescreen Touch Screen MP3 and Video Player


Features of the mp3 player
The Samsung YP-P2JAB P2 Widescreen Touch Screen MP3 and Video Player is one of the advanced mp3 players available in the list of gadgets. It has superb user interface which works perfect when you are in the mood of rock and roll. The outer body is made of robust material which is strong and has one of the best sturdy features. The Samsung mp3 player has an inbuilt FM radio player which can be engaged when bored of listening to same old songs on the stock memory. The 4GB memory option is superb and one of a kind. One of the striking features with the Samsung mp3 player is the inbuilt Bluetooth option. Now you can transfer as well as connect to wireless headphones or laptop systems. This is the best way to listen to wireless music when on the go. The mp3 player comes with a 3 inch wide screen which can be used to view the song information and battery level.

The mp3 player has a side feature where you can view text files. The mp3 player can act as your alarm clock too when you need to get up for office or college. World clock software is also present in the mp3 player which can be used to know the different time zones. Stay updated with the onboard calendar which is loaded in the software of the mp3 player. The calendar which is installed in the mp3 player can be used for keeping a track of your important schedules. The mp3 player works superb on windows based operating systems. Carrying the Samsung mp3 player is very easy and compact; the overall dimension of the mp3 player is only 2.05 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches. The overall weight of the mp3 player is not that much; it only weighs 2.88 ounces which is not at all heavy when compared with other mp3 players.

Touch screen user interface is given to the Samsung mp3 player. Simply glide your fingers over the options given on the screen. A special type of inbuilt battery is given to the mp3 player which is made of lithium polymer. You can save 7 alarms on the onboard memory of the mp3 player.

Samsung-YP-P2JAB-P2 Widescreen-Touch-Screen-MP3-and-Video-Player Review- MP3 Player Review

Touch screen option
The Samsung mp3 player can be accessed with the use of your fingers too. For toggling options you need to make use of your fingers. The user interface is quite easy to access and has one of the best touch screen softwares. The main display has various sensors which detect slightest of finger movements over the screen. The touch screen setup ensures the user has crisp and quick operation of options.

Sound quality and output
Sound is one of the main features which are being given special preference in Samsung mp3 players. The sound output is simply superb and one of a kind. Special equalizer settings are given which can be selected when you are on the move. Choose the band equalizer settings according to the genre of the song. If you think that’s not going to match the genre then you can make use of the custom setup which is given in the mp3 player user interface. The earphones given with the mp3 player are designed to perfection. These earphones have superb sound quality when it comes to output. They have small ear grips which ensure not to fall off when you are running or exercising. It grips the ear in order to deliver high end sound setup.

Drag and drop option
Transfer of files from the computer to the mp3 player is very easy. All you need to do is connect the mp3 player to your computer through the USB port and complete the transfer in less time. Another option is present which is the Bluetooth mode; yes you can transfer songs from your computer to the mp3 player through the Bluetooth settings.

The Samsung YP-P2JAB P2 Widescreen Touch Screen MP3 and Video Player is one of the best working mp3 players when it comes to performance. The looks of the mp3 player are quite good and adhere to new formats.


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